Ryde Baptist Church

Being Saved - Following Jesus

The word 'Gospel' means Good News*
If we believe in Jesus, God gives us the gift of life forever with Him.
Many people think that when they die, their good deeds will be weighed against their bad deeds. This is not Good News!

All of us do wrong things. We may not have murdered anyone, but sin is doing things our own way; refusing to accept God’s way.

God is just, He cannot ignore our sin anymore than a judge can simply let off a criminal. But God is both just and loving.


Hopefully this story will make it clearer. A newly elected President wants to rid his country of organised crime. He orders investigations to unmask the ringleader and says that whoever it is will be severely punished. The ringleader turns out to be the President’s mother. He can't say "never mind it doesn't matter". Justice requires that she be punished,  but how can the President punish the mother he loves? Imagine if the President took the punishment instead of his mother. Justice would be satisfied. That's what Jesus did for us.

God cannot ignore our sin, but he loves us. He cannot bear to let us die and be apart from him for all eternity. This is why God came to earth as Jesus and died. He bore our punishment. All we have to do is say ‘Thank you’ and accept what he has done for us. This really is Good News. If you would like to talk to someone about this please contact us.

Christians are not being arrogant when we say we have a special relationship with God. We know we are no better than anyone else. We just believe what God has said and accept it. This should make us so thankful that we live the rest of our lives to please God. Unhappily we often fail and do things that disappoint God. Thankfully we can say "sorry" and God will forgive us again. God gives us His Spirit to help us, but our whole lives are a learning process. Don’t come to our church if you are expecting to meet perfect people - we're not. Do come if you want to learn, with us, how to grow more like Jesus.

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