Who are we? ...

... A mixed bunch:

In biblical terms, a church is made up of "peculiar" people.

According to the dictionary, peculiar means each person having characteristics exclusively and particular to themselves, in other words - an individual.

Jesus told a parable (story) of a field containing both wheat and weeds. The farmer said that it was too risky to try weeding the field, as the wheat might also be destroyed. Both should be left to grow together until the harvest - only then could they safely be separated.

Harvest Congregation on the stairs

In the same way, our church doesn't exclude anyone whose life is not perfect. If it did there would be nobody in it.

A church is made up of people from all walks of life, any age or nationality and at all stages of faith.

We want everyone to have the opportunity to learn about and believe in Jesus and have faith that He is a personal Saviour for us all.

We don't judge people - you're welcome to join us and become part of our friendly family.