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HARVEST WEEKEND  17th and 18th September


A very enjoyable evening was spent answering quiz questions and I am so glad that I had two of my GB girls to help me.

 Sally & Ian Pratt had set a variety of question sheets with answers from Disney films, fish, chocolate and vegetables. It was a challenging Saturday evening. Prizes of sweets and chocolates were awarded for each round.

Each round meant a new course of food and there was certainly a variety of choice with all tastes catered for. –

our grateful thanks to Margaret Adams and her team for the wonderful meal they gave us. 

Harvest Supper 1  Harvest Supper 3

Harvest Supper 5  Harvest Supper 2


                           Harvest Service 1   

                                   Harvice Service 2



The weekend of 2nd and 3rd of July marked a significant event for the 3rd Ryde Girls’ Brigade Company based at Ryde Baptist Church and one of their officers in particular. At their Annual Display and Awards Evening on the Saturday and again at their Church Parade Service on the Sunday morning opportunity was taken to celebrate the 40 years of service that Betty McComb has given as an officer in the Girls’ Brigade, both locally on the island and further afield including Girls’ Brigade nationally. Captain Betty, as she is affectionately known, was surprised my numerous greetings that had been sent and brought from friends near and far and the many heartfelt messages from former and present members of the company under her amazing leadership. Betty’s daughters Zoe and Donna, themselves officers on the mainland and at 3rd Ryde, led the greetings with their own beautiful tribute. Betty was presented with her 40 years’ service badge by one of the number of GB Commissioners present!  After the service on Sunday morning a celebration lunch concluded affairs, at which Betty cut a magnificent cake made for the occasion by Lynne Mulhern. Many congratulations Betty – here’s to the next 40 years!

     Betty 2     Betty 1

     BETTY 4     Betty 4


This morning (19th June) our fellowship showed their love and support for Ian Pratt and Sally Sears as we prayed with them and blessed them as they embark on the adventures of their lives. They have both answered God's calling to travel to Africa to further his work.

Ian is working with Justice Mission and will be visiting Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda for three weeks - he flies out Friday 24th June.


Sally is going to Kenya for 2 months - leaving on June 28th and will be responsible for the pastoral care of everyone on the team as well as working with the young girls at Mission with a Vision Girls’ Rescue Centre.


We pray that they both will be kept safe on their journeys and that God will bless them with good health, compassion, patience and understanding while they are away.
Please support them in prayer throughout their time away.


You can follow them on their blogs.

IAN                                                                               SALLY  

https://ianprattblog.wordpress.com/        https://sallyinkenya.wordpress.com                       


                   Ian  Sally 1

                   Ian  Sally 2




We look forward to everyone joining us for our Display on Saturday 2nd July at 6.30pm and our parade and celebration lunch on Sunday 3rd July starting at 10.30am, where we will be commissioning Emilie Rose as a leader and Betty McComb will be celebrating 40 years as a Commissioned Officer in Girls’ Brigade.  A chance for you all to see some of the things we get up to on a Wednesday evening and celebrating the achievements of our girls. They really are a blessing to our church and we thank God for the opportunity this gives us to teach his word. As leaders our lives are truly enriched by witnessing the development of the girls and we pray that the girls & their families are blessed & enriched by learning more of how Jesus wants them to live becoming a real asset to everyone.

QUEENS BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION     " Indoor Garden Party"     11th June 2016   

Thirty three  people gathered for an afternoon of potted sports including Bagatelle, shove ha’penny, skittles, ping pong balls in a bucket, blindfolded ballpond hunting, croquet, Jenga, beanbag throwing into hoops and others. The teams were a mixture of adults and youngsters. Great time was had by all with lots of laughter. After an hour & a half of games we all went downstairs where the tables were decked out in red, white and blue. Kerry led a toast to the Queen including 3 cheers and a prayer. This was followed by a tea of sandwiches, scones with jam & cream, fresh fruit and salad. Once again a very enjoyable time was spent together and friendships were made between GB and the Church. We pray that this is the beginning of a stronger relationship where girls will be encouraged to pray for the church fellowship and the church family will continue their prayer support of GB.


       Games     National Antham


Twelve of us gathered wondering what was in store for the evening. We were greeted by Martin complete with bow tie, ready to wait on our every need. We were served drinks and nibbles while everyone arrived and the conversations flowed. Once sitter at the table we were served with a starter of melon and raspberries very faintly arranged on the plate. Our  main course was lasagne, salad with either tiger bread or garlic bread. The dessert was cheesecake & strawberries or lemon/mango sorbet with raspberries. All washed down with tea/coffee and after eight mints. A wonder spread ably cooked by Kerry with Jim’s assistance.

                              Ladies Supper         

The atmosphere throughout the evening was excellent and the opportunity to sit and relax with friends, make new friends and have a good laugh was great. We discussed rating the service and meal out of 10 but decided it would be better to allow them the chance of having another go. Plans are now underway for our next gathering possibly a Saturday lunch to allow those who have work commitments to join us. I would encourage any who missed this meal to join us in October. Our grateful thanks to Jan for organising and to our valiant men for hosting the evening - well done Martin, Kerry and Jim (we can’t wait for the next one).

                                       Ladies Supper Kitchen



Thank you to everyone who came along to the bowling event on 
Saturday 19th March. It was a very enjoyable evening and we now look forward to the next event. 

A fellowship that plays together, grows together  and stays together.
Here are the scores for each game:

         1st Game                                       2nd Game 
     Geoff Waddington     129                  Tony Roberts     122
     Naomi Mitchell          125                  Betty McComb   120
     Nigel Pigeon             111                  Ian Pratt           117

Congratulations to everyone and especially to those who were bowling for the first time.

     Geof Choosing a ball    Sue         Me & Sue P         pat

On Saturday 26th March a Service was held to celebrate Richard & Bea Culling’s  50th Wedding Anniversary. During the Service they renewed their Wedding Vows. We congratulate them.

          Renewing Vows      Kerry

                              Going Out

              Cake       Cutting Cake


Upper room 1      new carpet very heavy   job done



KERRY BIRCH On 1st  December 2015 Kerry Birch arrived as our new minister.  A large congregation welcomed him, including about twenty from his previous churches on the mainland.  He comes from the West Midlands and studied in Cheltenham before going to Bristol Baptist College.  Since then he has been successively minister of churches in Cheltenham, Worcester and Halesowen.

 His main hobby is the study of history, and he has written the story of Baptists in Georgian Bath.   He is a keen Dr Who fan, and it will be interesting to know what he thinks of the latest Star Wars film.

Earlier in 2015 he made a visit to Israel and was   tear-gassed, and we will look forward to hearing more about his visit in due course.  He is a musician and enjoys taking part in quizzes.  He will be living in the manse and can be contacted through the church office on 01983 812774 or via the church email.  He is looking forward to entertaining the church as he enjoys cooking!


Scarlett on her last day

 Scarlett has been volunteering in Chatters for the past year. On her last day she brought in a lovely thank-you letter in which she said "it has been a pleasure to meet you guys. I am going to do catering at the College so spending time at Chatters helps me understand how a café work". Scarlett's grandparents kindly donated IT equipment to raise funds for the café.

 Church is not just for weddings and a funeral

Congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs Rose and to Alan as each of them starts a new life, two by marriage and one by baptism. Alan being brought up from the water


Bride and Groom waving from the balcony

Reserved English Dads
Slugs and Bugs in Concert
 Church Secretary weeding the forecourt   cleaning the cafe tables 

When Slugs and Bugs posted a blog about their trip to the UK it included loads of photos. Only 2 were of actual performances and both are in our Upper Room.

Why 2 photos of RBC rather than some of the other 7 venues at which they performed?

Presumably because the stained glass window makes such a stunning backdrop.

And that occurred because we built a mezzanine which raised the floor to the level of the window.

And the government built the Children’s Centre, so that the  window looked into a cupboard.

And we put lights behind it, with the result that it can be lit at all times.

Exactly 20 years ago, God permitted our building to be gutted by fire. It was the best thing that could have happened. We had to redevelop from a draughty Victorian pile to a beautiful community building in use almost every day.

We treasure our building as a gift from God, used, for His glory, by hundreds each week. We thank God for all those, both paid and volunteers, who keep the GSC looking pristine.

An announcement was made at Friend 2 Friend on Tuesday - we would be starting a craft group on Friday. The invited speaker immediately held up a piece of material. The Isle of Wight is planning to create the world's longest tapestry. 100 groups are invited each to submit 1 metre commemorating the Great War. Here was a project for the craft group before we had even met or chosen a name.

 Ladies cutting out bunting


 Children carrying the Ark of the Covenant

 The Sunday School children have been studying the life of King David. When we learnt about the Ark of the Covenant being moved back to Jerusalem, we decided to build an Ark. Ok, so it's supposed to be gold plated, but that would have been far too heavy. Ours is made with a wicker basket and polystyrene angels. Their hair was the children's idea.

The younger children are holding the contents of the ark: 2 'stone' tablets carved with the 10 Commandments, a jar of manna (cut from thin polystyrene so it doesn't go off) and Aaron's rod that budded. If anyone has one with ripe almonds and flowers we would be very grateful.

Creepy crawlies aren't usually welcome in church, but  on May 17th a band called Slugs & Bugs from Nashville held an interactive Family Concert followed by a hot dog supper. St James’ in Ryde invited them to the Island, and booked Grace Church for the event. So many people wanted tickets that it had to be moved to the GSC.  Randall Goodgame, founder of Slugs & Bugs says they ‘make music that the whole family will love - because silliness is next to godliness’.


Prayer is coming to Dad both to celebrate His greatness and share what wrings our heart. It's a time to mourn and a time to laugh. Not everyone prays aloud, some speak out several times. There are no special words, we just say what is on our heart. We may stumble, or run out of words. God doesn't mind. It's spending time in His presence that is important.

 Monday night prayer group

RBC has a new inhabitant, a knitted bee that appears in different locations.  

When Beatrice first heard about Arby she was quite put out. After all, she is our Bea.Beatrice holding Arby





Thankfully she was reconciled when she met him. 
knitted beeHaving been asked "Can you see Arby?", someone replied "Where's Wally Bee?".

Unfortunately he's feeling a bit off colour.
red and white bee with light blue stingThe knitting pattern is available from reception for £1, and an Arby will be knitted to order for £2.50. All proceeds to church funds.

 When Tony went to Kenya, he was surprised to find he was only expected to work in the mornings. He hadn't realised how the altitude (6000 ft above sea level) and heat would exhaust everyone even the younger members of the team. He also realised that a hat was a necessity. Building a refuge for girls fleeing from FGM and forced marriage alternated with visits to Maasai families, serving food at a party for 240 children, and going on safari. Before his talk at Friend2Friend we sang Beauty for brokenness, hope for despair, bread for the children, justice, joy, peace'. This is what Mission Direct longs to bring. Read and enjoy more photos here. 

 Tony in a hat pushing a wheelbarrow

 webmaster being trained

We sent our webmastercartoon picture of Arby the bee on a training session. As a result, Arby will soon be appearing all over the place. He is our bee. Arby may be hiding in the building, and imaginative portraits / collages will be displayed. Click on Arby to download his outline.

 The giant cotton reels of PLUTO Adrian surrounded by people eager to consult himFriend 2 Friend was packed on Tuesday for a riveting talk by local historian, Adrian Searle, about the PipeLine Under The Ocean.

Adrian Searle talking to a fascinated listenerAfterwards he was surrounded by people eager for further discussion.  Thankfully he did eventually get to eat his biscuit.  For more on this fascinating subject, click here. 

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